WLS-8000 Industrial Weather Station
WLS-8000 Industrial Weather Station


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The WLS-8000 Industrial Weather Stations feature industrial grade high-resolution/highly accurate sensors, a large digital display, and 128K non-volatile memory with an integral clock. The system and meteorology instruments are fully addressable by PC via the RS-232 and it logs 4000 data points to memory. Up to the second real-time data transfer to a Windows based PC with included Weather View 32 professional software. 12 hour uninterruptible power supply is standard. A HAZMAT portable weather station is also available.
The Model WLS-8000 Weather Station is an industrial-grade, digital computer station. It features the very finest, high-resolution sensors available: The Texas Electronics Wind Direction and Speed Sensor, their most precise rain collector, as well as TWI LOG software for you PC. This industrial weather station is fully addressable by PC via RS-232 modem (supplied) and automatically logs data to memory. The system includes: WLS Console, wind speed and direction sensors (instant and average), barometric pressure, Solar Radiation, Rainfall (daily and monthly plus rate), temperature and humidity sensor in pagoda shield, Serial RS-232 cable and mast junction box, 120' sensor cables to junction box and TWI logging software. The industrial weather station also provides time and date, English or Metric, computes wind chill, heat indices and dewpoint, and maintains daily minimums and maximums. The TWI LOG program can network with up to 256 other WPS, intelligently download that data into separate files and/or calibrate and maintain the units remotely. The handsome console features a non-volatile memory and clock and a large digital display. Console with meteorology instruments measures 12"W x 7"H x 6"D. Barometer: 24.00" - 32.00" hg.; Wind Speed: 0-120 mph; Temp: -70 to 140 degrees F; Humidity 0-100%; Solar Radiation 0-1400 W/m2; Rainfall: 0.00-999 inches. 12-hour uninterruptable power supply.


Operational Envelope: 0-135 mph (0 to 60 m/s) Temperature:-40 to 160 F (-40 to 70 C) Relative Humidity:0-100%
Height:6.5" (16.5 cm) Cup Diameter: 3.25" (8.25 cm) Cup Wheel Diameter: 12.5" (32 cm)
Cable 20 supplied with sensor
Size: 27" wide, 22" tall, 6" deep, 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector

Wind Speed
Operating Range: 0-100 mph Signal Presentation: frequency, pulsed output light chopper
The 20-slot disc produces the following linear repetition rate:
10 RPM =1 MPH = 200 pulses/min.
100 RPM = 10 MPH = 2,000 pulses/min.
1000 RPM = 100 MPH = 20,000 pulses/min.
Accuracy:+/- 1.0 mph (0.45 m/s) over entire range +/- 0.6 mph (0.25 m/s) at less than 11.2 mph (5.0 m/s)
Distance Constant:> 16.5' (5.0 m) Starting Threshold:1.1 mph (0.5 m/s)

Wind Direction
Operating Range: 0-360 mechanical, 0-357 electrical Signal Presentation: +/- 0.5% Potentiometer linearity: +/- 0.5% Accuracy:+/- 3.0 Starting Threshold:2.5 mph (1.1 m/s) Damping Ratio:30.36 Damped Wavelength:19.7' (6.0 m) Delay Distance:4.8' (1.15 m) Resolution:1

Pressure range: 28 to 34 inches Hg 2%
Pressure resolution 0.01 inches Hg
Pressure accuracy: .03 at 75 degrees F

Size: 7 around, 9" tall, 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector
Temperature range: -40 to +130 degrees F,
Temperature accuracy (-40 to +130 deg. F) 0.2 degree F
Humidity range: 0 to 100% inches Hg 3%

Size: 15long x 4x 4.5, Weight: 17oz., Cable Length: 20 feet
Temperature operating range: 32 to +120 degrees F,
Sensor: PCB with gold plated grid

SOLAR SENSOR (Pyranometer)
Size:12 long x 4x 2, Weight: 12 oz., 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector
Temperature operating range: -40 to +120 degrees F
Spectral Response: 400-1100nm
Sensitivity: Typically 60A per 1000 Wm
Rise Time:: 30ns
Range: 0 to 1500 Wm
Calibration: 10% fso

Size: 12" long x 11" tall x 3" wide, 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector

Resolution: 0.01" English Accuracy: 1.0% up to 2"/hr (50 mm/hr) Collector diameter: 8.00" (203 mm) with knife-edge Funnel depth: 6.4" (163 mm) Splash out protection: >2" (50 mm) Operating Temp: 32 to 125 F (0 to 50 C) Storage Temp: -40 to 160 F (-40 to 70 C) Humidity Limits: 0 to 100% Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.2 kg)
6 lbs. (2.7 kg) shipping Height: 11" (280 mm)>2" (50 mm) splash out protection Cable: 6', Switch: Momentary potted reed switch Switch rating: 30 VDC @ 2 A, 115 VAC @ 1 A Switch Closure Time: 135 ms Bounce Settling Time: 0.75 ms Pivot: Hardened SS Jewel & Pivot Bucket: UV protected ABS


WLS Console and Meteorology Instruments
TE Wind Direction & Speed Sensor
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
8" TE Rain Collector
Temperature & Humidity Sensor in Shield
Serial RS-232 Cable & Mast Junction Box
120' Sensor Cables
Junction Box
Three Year Limited Warranty
Weather View 32 Professional Software for Windows and TWICal Software

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