WeatherHawk 916 Wireless Weather Station
WeatherHawk 916 Wireless Weather Station


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Wireless Weather Stations for Home Weather, Education, Home Automation, Recreational, Environmental, and Industrial Applications

WeatherHawk 916 wireless weather stations are designed for easy installation and use by consumers, educators, students, and resource managers. WeatherHawk is ideal for applications where ease of installation and use are key factors. WeatherHawk 916 is preprogrammed to provide simple meteorological data, including the complex calculation of ETo (evapotranspiration) typically used for landscape and crop management. WeatherHawk wireless weather stations are also conforms to many existing home automation protocols.

The WeatherHawk 916 weather station uses Internet-compatible Virtual WeatherStation software. It is supplied fully assembled. The assembly includes meteorological sensors, and a protective case that houses the on-board microprocessor, rechargeable battery pack and spread spectrum radio transceiver. The battery is recharged via AC power or a solar panel. WeatherHawk wireless weather stations and solar panels are easily attached to a 1" to 2" O.D. pole (optional or user-supplied).

The WeatherHawk 916 on-board microprocessor automatically measures the sensors, then stores the data in an on-board data logger before transmitting the data to a user-supplied remote PC. A spread spectrum radio is supplied to connect to the PC and receive transmissions from WeatherHawk 916 wireless weather stations. With typical line-of-sight conditions the WeatherHawk 916 spread spectrum radio can transmit over distances of up to one-half a mile. Optional WeatherHawk 916 accessories can increase the wireless transmission range up to 7 miles (please inquire).

User installation is as simple as 1-2-3-4:

1-Remove the WeatherHawk from the shipping box (no assembly required).

2-Install the WeatherHawk and solar panel on the user-supplied pole.

3-Attach the RF400 Spread Spectrum Radio to a serial port on the usersupplied Host PC.

4-Install Virtual Weather Software and turn on the WeatherHawk weather station switch.

Within minutes, a typical user can begin monitoring weather information directly on the Host PC, and remotely over the Internet.


Air Temperature
Wind Speed
Solar Radiation
Relative Humidity
Wind Direction
Barometric Pressure
Pre-calibrated sensor set
Pre-assembled weather station module
Integral bubble level device
RS-232 communications port
Integral 32K data logger that will store up to 22 days of data (assumes hourly sample interval for all seven parameters and ETo)
Calculates and stores daily ETo (evapotranspiration) based on the industry standard Penman-Montieth formula
Environmental Design Features
Conformal Coatings on Electronic Assemblies
Ultraviolet light (solar protection) stabilized enclosure
Weatherproof external connectors for data I/O and power input
Stainless Steel, or powder coated external hardware

User Documentation is concise and easy to read, and includes:

Quick Start Guide (on-line/printed/software CD)
Installation Guide (on-line/printed/software CD)
Software Manual (Installed with VWS/software CD)
FAQ (On-line/software CD)
Serial data cable 6 feet long
Virtual Weather Station software Base Edition (CD)
Integral sealed GelCell type rechargeable lead-acid battery pack
Weatherproof Power Switch and 2 keys
One Year Warranty on all Materials and Labor
FREE Internet or phone help line (life of system)

WeatherHawk systems, wireless weather stations, also have an Automatic Spread Spectrum Radio Transceiver with 1/4 wave antenna integrated with the weather station module.
Base Station components/features:

Automatic Spread Spectrum Radio Base Station with RS-232 I/O for host PC
Base Station Multi-frequency dipole antenna with a 12 foot (3.4 Meter) cable
Base Station wall outlet type power supply with a 6 foot (1.7 meter) cable
Weather Station wireless performance:

916 MHz system with standard radio range of 1/2 mile (810 meters), LOS (Line-Of-Sight)
To enable even longer-range use of these wireless weather stations, WeatherHawk 916 also has optional high-gain antennas with which the WeatherHawk can transmit weather information up to seven miles!

What Computer System Do You Need to Set Up the WeatherHawk 916?
For any WeatherHawk wireless weather stations or systems, you will need a host computer with these :
PC with Windows 95/98/200/NT/ME or XP Operating System
An available USB or Serial Port (NOTE: USB-to-Serial converter is user supplied or an optional item if a serial port is unavailable)

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