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05108-45   05108-45 R. M. Young Alpine Heavy Duty Wind Monitor
05305   05305 R. M. Young Wind Monitor AQ Air Quality
05501LM   05501LM Intrinsically Safe Wind Monitor-IS
06201   06201 R.M. Young Wind Tracker Display
06206   06206 R. M. Young Marine Wind Tracker
0690   0690 KestrelMet Tripod Kit
09101   09101 Wind Monitor SE
102874   102874 Sonic Wind Sensor
110-200   110-200 Wind Speed Recording System
989-1   1405-PK-021 Gill UltraSonic Anemometer
989-2   1405-PK-038 Gill UltraSonic Anemometer
989-3   1405-PK-040 Gill UltraSonic Anemometer
989-4   1405-PK-100 Gill UltraSonic Anemometer
200SZ   200SZ Silicon Pyranometer, 4-20mA
220WX   220WX Airmar UltraSonic Weather Station w/GPS
2620   2620 Wind Sock 8'
26201   26201 Ring Frame
2621   2621 Wind Sock 5'
26800   26800 Meteorological Translator Display
Tripod   3' Tripod for MRK III Weather Transmitter
41003   41003 Multi-Plate Radiation Shield
41342L   41342L R. M. Young Temperature Sensor, 4-20mA
41382LF2   41382LF2 R.M. Young Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 4-20mA Outputs
9420-A-1   420 PLC Orion Weather Station with 4-20mA Outputs
421   421 AC Adapter
422   422 Lighter Adapter
423   423 Hard Carrying Case for P5 Lightning Detector
424   424 Wall Mount Bracket for P5 Lightning Detector
490-   490 SkyScan Field Pro2 Lightning Detection System
50208   50208 Monthly Charts for 5020-A Hygrothermograph
52202   52202 Heated Tipping Bucket Precipitation Gauge
52203   52203 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
5400   5400 Kestrel Heat Stress Tracker
6000   6000 NIST Calibration for Vantage Pro2
6000M   6000M NIST Metric Calibration for Vantage Pro2
6100   6100 Davis WeatherLink Live
61302L   61302L Barometric Pressure Sensor with 4-20mA
6250   6250 Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station
Davis-6250   6250 Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station
6250M   6250M Metric Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station (US Metric Version)
6310   6310 Standard Rain and Snow Gauge
6311-A   6311-A Tripod support only for 6310 Rain/Snow Gauge
6312   6312 Davis Additional Console Display for Vantage Pro2
6316   6316 Davis Wireless Weather Envoy
6316C   6316C Davis Cabled Weather Envoy
6322   6322 Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite
6322C   6322C Davis Cabled Vantage Pro2 ISS
6330   6330 Stratus Rain Gauge
6331   6331 Clear View Metric Rain Gauge
6332   6332 Davis Sensor Transmitter
6345   6345 Davis Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station Less Sensors
6345CS   6345CS Davis Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station with Sensors
6351   6351 Davis Vantage Vue Console/Receiver
6351M   6351M Davis Metric Vantage Vue Console/Receiver
6357   6357 Davis Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite
6415   6415 Davis Sonic Anemometer
6420   6420 Davis Leaf Wetness Sensor
6440   6440 Davis Soil Moisture Sensor
6450   6450 Davis Solar Radiation Sensor
6462   6462 Spiked Rain AeroCone for Vantage Pro2
6464   6464 Davis AeroCone Rain Gauge
6464M   6464M Metric Davis AeroCone Rain Gauge
6466   6466 Davis AeroCone Rain Gauge with Mountable Base
6466M   6466M Davis Metric Rain Gauge with Mountable Base
6470   6470 Davis Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
6490   6490 Davis UV Sensor
6510SER   6510SER Davis WeatherLink Computer Interface
6510USB   6510USB Davis WeatherLink Computer Interface
6612   6612 Davis Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit
6614   6614 Davis Solar Power Kit
6616   6616 Davis Extra Solar Panel Kit
6618   6618 Davis Universal Shelter
6673   6673 Davis Mounting Shelf
6802A   6802A Davis EnviroMonitor Gateway (US, LTE)
6805   6805 Davis EnviroMonitor IP Gateway Wi-Fi/Ethernet
6820C   6820C Davis Vantage Pro2 GroWeather Cabled Sensor Suite
6832   6832 Davis Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 24-hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield
7210   7210 Davis AirLink Professional Air Quality Sensor
7345.147   7345.147 Metric Replacement Tipping Spoon for Vantage Pro2
7345.425   7345.425 Replacement Tipping Spoon for Vantage Pro2
7345.976   7345.976 Replacement Board for Davis Vantage Pro2
7627   7627 Standard Wireless Solar Powered Repeater
7654   7654 Long Range Repeater, Solar Powered
7656   7656 Omni Antenna
7660   7660 Yagi Antenna
7714   7714 Davis Radiation Shield
7716   7716 Davis Tripod
7716A   7716A Davis Tripod for Ground Mounting
7717   7717 Davis Mounting Pole Kit
7721   7721 Davis Rain Collector Cone and Heater
7747   7747 Daytime Fan Aspirated Shield Kit
775   775 Universal Light Monitor
775C   775C Universal Light Monitor with Logging
7905L   7905L Large Wind Cups for Davis Vantage Pro2
81000   81000 R.M. Young UltraSonic Anemometer
8210   8210 Weather Balloon, 10 Grams Red
8230   8230 Weather Balloon, 30 Grams Red
8231   8231 Weather Balloon, 30 Grams Black
8232   8232 Weather Balloon, 30 Grams Natural
8233   8233 Weather Balloon, 100 Grams Red
8234   8234 Weather Balloon, 100 Grams Black
8235   8235 Weather Balloon, 100 Grams Natural
8236   8236 Weather Balloon, 200 Grams Natural
8237   8237 Weather Balloon, 300 Grams Natural
8238   8238 Weather Balloon, 350 Grams Natural
8240   8240 Weather Balloon, 600 Grams Natural
8242   8242 Weather Balloon, 800 Grams Natural
8243   8243 Weather Balloon, 1000 Grams Natural
8244   8244 Weather Balloon, 1200 Grams Natural
8245-H   8245-H Hwoyee Weather Balloon, 1600 Grams Natural
8246   8246 Weather Balloon, 2000 Grams Natural
8247   8247 Weather Balloon, 3000 Grams Natural
8290   8290 WeatherMaster Software for Orion Weather Stations
86000   86000 R. M. Young UltraSonic Anemometer, Serial and Analog Output
86004   86004 R. M. Young Heated UltraSonic Anemometer, Serial and Analog Output
86106   86106 R. M. Young Marine UltraSonic Anemometer, Serial and Analog Output
91000   91000 ResponseOne Ultrasonic Anemometer
92000   92000 ResponseONE Weather Transmitter
9339   9339 Cable 100' for RainWise WindLog
9500-B-1   9500-B-1 LT Orion UltraSonic Anemometer with Software
9510-C-1   9510-C-1 Orion Weather Station with Display Console
9511-B-1   9511-B-1 Orion Weather Station with WeatherMaster Software
9610-C-1   9610-C-1 Orion LX Weather Station with Display Console
9611-B-1   9611-B-1 Orion LX Weather Station with WeatherMaster Software
AL-100   AL-100 Apogee Leveling Plate
AL-120   AL-120 Apogee Leveling and Mounting System
SP-420   Apogee SP-420 Smart Pyranometer
BTD-200   BTD-200 Biral Lightning Warning System
6110   Bundle Deal: 6357 Davis Vantage Vue Wireless ISS and 6100 WeatherLink Live
6120   Bundle Deal: Davis 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station with Display, 6100 WeatherLink Live
6112   Bundle Deal: Model 6112 includes 6322 Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless ISS and 6100 WeatherLink Live
6122   Davis 6122 Bundle includes 6152 Vantage Pro2 with Console Display and 6100 WeatherLink Live
6152   Davis 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Weather Station
Davis-6152   Davis 6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Weather Station
6152C   Davis 6152C Cabled Vantage Pro2 Weather Station
6153   Davis 6153 Wireless Vantage Pro2 with Aspirated Radiation Shield
6162   Davis 6162 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus
6162C   Davis 6162C Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station
6163   Davis 6163 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus with Aspirated Radiation Shield
6410   Davis 6410 Replacement Anemometer for Vantage Pro2
6810   Davis 6810 EnviroMonitor Wireless Node Gateway
EFM-100C   EFM-100C RS485 Boltek Electric Field Mill Kit
EH111   EH111 Strobe/Siren for MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm
765   ELSEC 765 Enviromental Monitor
765C   ELSEC 765C Enviromental Monitor with Data Logging
ERL10-GSM1   ERL10-GSM1 Auto SMS Text Message Alert Package
ERL10-KIT1   ERL10-KIT1 RS485 Boltek Lightning Alarm Package
ERL10-KIT2   ERL10-KIT2 RS485 Boltek Lightning Alarm Package
ES-642   ES-642 Met One Remote Dust Monitor
EWS-PRO2   EWS PRO2 SkyScan Lightning Detector
SP2HCC   Hard Carrying Case for SP2 Lightning Detector
HM41   HM41 Vaisala Compact Humidity and Temperature Meter
HM45   HM45 Vaisala Humidity and Temperature Meter with Remote Probe
HMS112   HMS112 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Outdoor Measurements in HVAC Applications
HMW82   HMW82 Humidity/Temperature Transmitter, Wall Mount 4-20mA
HTAB-176   HTAB-176 Certified Temperature/Humidity Dial
IP-100-LR   IP-100-LR Network Interface for MKlll Long Range Weather Station
0792   Kestrel 0792 Collapsible Tripod
0793   Kestrel 0793 Tripod Clamp
1000   Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter
2000   Kestrel 2000 Pocket Thermo Wind Meter
2500   Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter
2500NV   Kestrel 2500NV Pocket Wind Meter with Night Vision
3000   Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter-Heat Stress Monitor
3500   Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter
3500DT   Kestrel 3500DT Pocket Weather Meter
3500FW   Kestrel 3500FW Fire Weather Meter
3500NV   Kestrel 3500NV Pocket Wind Meter with Night Vision
5000   Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter
0785   Kestrel 5000 USB Data Transfer Cable
5100   Kestrel 5100 Racing Weather Meter
5200   Kestrel 5200 Professional Environmental Meter
5500   Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter
5500AG   Kestrel 5500AG Agricultural Weather Meter
D1   Kestrel DROP D1 Wireless Temperature Data Logger
D2   Kestrel DROP D2 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Logger
D3   Kestrel DROP D3 Wireless Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Logger
D3FW   Kestrel DROP D3FW Fire Weather Monitor
Dongle   Kestrel LiNK Wireless Dongle for PC or Mac, Kestrel 5 Series
KM6000   KestrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather Station
NR-Lite2   Kipp & Zonen NR Lite2 Net Radiometer
RT1   Kipp & Zonen RT1 Smart Rooftop Monitoring System
SP2-Lite   Kipp & Zonen SP Lite2 Pyranometer
KTA-282   KTA-282 Davis Weather Station Gateway
KTA-302   KTA-302 BACnet MS/TP for Davis Weather Stations
LD-250   LD-250 Boltek Long Range Lightning Detection Kit
LD-250M   LD-250M Boltek Mobile Long Range Lightning Detection Kit
LD-350   LD-350 Boltek Long Range Lightning Detection Complete System
CherryLR   Long Range Multi-display for the MK-III Weather Station Cherry
8371.UMT   Lufft VENTUS Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Metal Housing, with Heater
8370.U01   Lufft WS600-UMB Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor
MAC3   MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm/Latching System
Maestro   Maestro Brass Wind Speed and Wind Direction Set
Merlin   Merlin Brass Digital Wind Set
Mono   Mono Mount for Mrk III and KestrelMet 6000
Black MKIII   Multi-display for the Long Range MK-III Weather Station Black
Mahogany-LR   Multi-display for the Long Range MK-III Weather Station Mahogany
Nor Easter   Nor'Easter Wind Speed Set
9520-B-1   Orion Vechicle Mount Weather Station
9520-C-1   Orion Vechicle Mount Weather Station

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