MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm/Latching System
MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm/Latching System


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The New MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm provides operators with a wealth of features and an unprecedented level of control. These industrial alarm systems are highly accurate, rugged, and an ideal solution for managing commercial equipment by collecting and monitoring weather conditions. MAC3 provides timely alerts to keep you abreast of wind speeds that could cause safety concerns for people and equipment in nearly endless applications.

Incorporating Maximum's renowned #400 anemometer, the MAC3 wind anemometer and weather alert alarm can be configured for simultaneous use with dual sensors to monitor two separate locations. The MAC3 weather alert alarm integrates time delay and latching capabilities to prevent equipment damage due to frequent on/off power cycling, and has a large, easy-to-read green on black LCD panel for viewing wind speed conditions, settings and user-defined information such as wind speed averages, peak gusts and other key metrics. The instrument can be password protected to prevent unintended changes to settings, and the two (2) optional two 5 amp relays can provide on/off control for external devices such as outdoor venue equipment, agriculture devices, municipal fountains, construction equipment and lifts, cranes, security systems, awnings and gate controllers, outdoor advertising and an incredibly wide variety of other devices that can be affected or become unsafe in windy conditions.

The Maximum MAC3 wind anemometer and controller are weather-tight to the IP65 standard and rated for use from -40 to 158 degrees F (-40 to 70 degrees C). Operating in 12- and 24-Volt DC power source environments, the controller measures 5.08 inches wide x 7.39 inches high x 2.26 inches deep (129.0 mm x 187.8 mm x 57.4 mm).

MAC3 wind anemometer and weather alert alarm is shipped complete with one (1) #400 wind speed sensor, 60' sensor cable, 14" straight, stainless steel stub-mast and mast mounting hardware.


> LED Display is large (2.7"W x 1.4"H) and easy-to-read with green on black text
> Display 'Current', 'Peak' or 'Average' (2-, 5- or 10-minute) wind speed conditions
> Audible warning buzzer sounds at 85 dB(A)/10cm (min.) @ 3.1kHz
- External speaker and strobe are also available
> Optional dual sensor set-up to monitor wind speeds in 2 separate locations simultaneously
- Up to 1,000' between sensors
> Dual set points (alarms) 0-255 MPH for each sensor
- Warning level: yellow
- Control level: red
> 2 Relay outputs to operate external devices are available as an option
- One 5-Amp SPDT relay for each set point & each sensor
> Integrated time delay and latching switch minimize risk of equipment damage due to power cycling
> The MAC3 housing and the #400 anemometer are weather-tight to the IP65 standard and rated for use from -40 to 158 degrees F (-40 to 70 degrees C)
> Password protected to prevent unintended changes to settings
> Quick connection of sensor(s), power and relay cables via twist-lock connectors
> Measurement range: 0-255 MPH in 1 MPH increments
> Accuracy: +/- 2 MPH of input and +/- 1 digit
> Sample rate: 1.7 seconds
> SPDT Relays (2): Rated at 5A when normally open and 3A when normally closed
> Dimensions: 129mm x 187.8mm x 57.4mm
> Operating temperature: -40C to +70C (-40F to +158F)
> Buzzer: 85 dB(A)/10cm (min.) @ 3.1kHz
> Power: 12 or 24VDC
> Current Draw: With heater OFF = 120mA Max; with heater on = 970mA Ma

MAC3- Wind Speed Alarm and Controller Manual

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