Orion Vechicle Mount Weather Station
Orion Vechicle Mount Weather Station


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Orion Vehicle Mount™ Weather Station With Weather Display Console and Weather Master Software

The vehicle-mounted Orion™ Weather Station and weather display software is specifically designed for Emergency Management. The mast and sensor module attach quickly and easily to any Incident Command or HazMat Response Vehicle once the exterior mounting brackets are permanently installed.

This compact vehicle weather station features all-in-one sensor module is very durable and has no moving parts. A single cable attaches through an external connector mounted on the vehicle. Inside, the Orion Interface Module provides power to the sensor transmitter and communication ports for both computer and Weather Display Console. The 8-ft telescoping sensor mast is made of rugged anodized aluminum, with heavy-duty, powdered-coated steel mounting brackets. The built-in North Orientation Offset feature quickly and efficiently orients wind direction readings. A permanent “snap-on” mounting adapter allows you to quickly remove and reinstall the sensor head without losing North orientation.

Vehicle Weather Station Monitoring Options
WeatherMaster™ is a professional monitoring, database, and weather display software which automatically interfaces with CAMEO/ALOHA software for HazMat applications such as plume modeling. CWS’s Weather Display Console is a dedicated, touch-screen display that can be rack-mounted in the vehicle.

Weather Parameters
• Temperature
• Barometric pressure
• Wind direction
• Wind speed with gust
• Relative humidity
• Rainfall

Vehicle Weather Station Standard System Includes:
• Sensor Module Orion Transmitter housed in a Self-Aspirating
Radiation Shield with:
-Temperature Sensor
-Relative Humidity Sensor
-Digital Barometer
-Ultrasonic Wind Direction/Speed Sensor
-Impact Rain Sensor
• Orion Interface Module with Dual Communication Ports
• Orion Weather Display Console and WeatherMaster Weather Display Software
• Comprehensive User Manual
• Telescoping Sensor Mast (8-foot) and Truck Mount Brackets

Wind Speed: Ultrasonic
Range: 0-115mph
Accuracy: ±3% at 10 m/s
Resolution: 1 mph
Units Available: knots, mph, km/hr, m/s

Wind Direction: Ultrasonic
Azimuth: 0-360°
Accuracy: ±2°
Resolution: 1°
Units Available: ° Azimuth

Temperature: Capacitance
Range: -60 to 140°F
Accuracy: ±-0.5°F at 68°F
Resolution: 0.1°F
Units Available: °F, °C

Relative Humidity: Capacitance
Range: 0 - 100%
Accuracy: ±3% (0-90%), 5% (90-100%)
Resolution: 1%
Units Available: %RH

Barometric Pressure: Capacitance
Range: 17.50 to 32.50 InHg
Accuracy: ±0.015 InHg at +32 to 86°F
±0.03 InHg at -60 to 140°F
Resolution: 0.1 InHg
Units Available: Kpa, mbar, InHg

Precipitation: Impact
Range: cumulative
Collection Area: 602cm
Accuracy: ±5% (spatial variations may exist)
Resolution 0.01 in. (0.254mm )
Units Available: mm, inches

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